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We’ll be honest—during our careers at marketing agencies, we’ve worked with many different kinds of clients. Sometimes we believed in what we were communicating. We loved our jobs. Sometimes, though, we worked on projects we didn’t believe in. We hated our jobs. That’s life in a lot of agencies. Agencies are messengers—and business demands that to reach the height of success, an agency can’t turn business away at the door.

Eventually, we realized we wanted a different path. After all, people can only do their best work when they believe in what they’re doing—and we’re passionate about doing the best work we can…and feeling proud of it at the end of the day. And with that realization came wisdom. Who said we had to reach the heights of financial success? Or that success couldn’t be measured in non-monetary terms?

A big part of why we founded Triggerfish is the control we have to do work that we love. We work for clients we respect, and create communications we can be proud of. We can guarantee our customers will always get our best work—if we can’t make you that promise, we won’t take your business.

It’s an approach that may not make us rich. But it makes us happy. We’d like to make you happy too.