our unique marketing approach

Triggerfish teams craft strategic, imaginative, and results-oriented marketing communications for an outstanding group of clients who share our commitment to the highest ethical standards and dedication to their customers. Marketing the right way, for the right people, is what drives our creativity and fuels our passion and spirit.

customers at the center

The unifying theme to everything we do is a focus on your customers, first and foremost. We believe that a customer-centric approach to marketing is always more effective than product features and sales promotions. By expressing an understanding of each of your audiences’ core needs, and the benefits your product or service provides to help meet them, you’ll build true engagement with your brand, help integrate your entire suite of communications, and encourage loyalty that nurtures a core group of enthusiastic brand evangelists.

innovative, integrated marketing solutions

We’re a full-service agency, built around an innovative business model that makes us more flexible—and affordable—than traditional marketing agencies. Our unique structure lets us put more experienced, seasoned staff to work on our customers’ marketing communications they would be able to find at traditional agencies for the same price.

We can’t wait to get to know you.