trustworthy marketing – the triggerfish promise

It’s our tagline. It’s our philosophy. It’s the promise we make to all our clients. Partnership. Ethics. Results. That means trustworthy marketing from trustworthy partners.


We’re an agency, not just a vendor. What’s the difference?

  • a natural force or object producing or used for obtaining specific results
  • a person or thing that acts or has the power to act
  • a person or business authorized to act on another’s behalf
  • a person or organization that sells

You believe you deserve real partnership from your agency relationship – and so do we. Our goal is to become an extension of your organization; true strategic partners, creative thinkers, and project teammates. We want you to believe we’re as passionate about your success as you are, and that we take as much pride in who you are as who we are. But we’re not yes-men – we’ll push back when we think you’re making a decision that’s not in your best interests, because we share those interests. Our goal is developing a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with you—not just sell you a bucketful of services.

We don’t expect all this on the first day, though. Partnership requires trust, and we understand that trustworthiness needs to be proven. We’re eager to prove ourselves to you, and show you how rewarding a great agency relationship can be.


You can learn more about the ethical standards we uphold in the communications we create here. Those standards apply to how we work with you as well. This seems like a no-brainer, right? Yet some agencies hold themselves to high ethical standards in marketing messaging, yet don’t carry that through to their account management.

Partnership is a big part of what we mean by ethical client treatment. But so is transparency. Fair pricing. An account team that wins and develops business by demonstrating our smarts and creativity, not shmoozing skill. We hold nothing back, keep no secrets, and tell no lies. We want to win your business by demonstrating the value we bring to your marketing efforts, not by letting you win at golf. (disclaimer – none of us are actually very good at golf, so we wouldn’t be able to “let you” win, anyway.)


We can’t promise success for any specific campaign, and suggest you stay away from anyone who claims they can. We can promise that our creative is designed to drive results, not win awards. It’s much more fulfilling to earn the respect of your customers than a roomful of self-congratulatory agency types on an award panel.

That’s led to a very strong track record of crafting communications that exceed business goals. We’re rigourous about testing, often to the point of being mildly annoying about it. We love metrics, and want to make sure you can measure how well we’re doing, and how well your campaigns are performing, transparently and accurately. We’re not ashamed if a particular test cell doesn’t perform—we test to learn, and roll out to earn. We do get upset if we’re not collecting a vital variable that could give us more insight about your customers and their needs, which is why we’re so compulsive about testing whenever possible.

Our work does tend to achieve some fantastic results, and you can take a look at our creative portfolio to see some examples. Note our focus on results over pretty pictures. After you’ve had a look, we invite you to contact us and put us to the test (pun intended).