marketing production management

Whether ink to paper or pixels to screen, the Triggerfish marketing production management team is the group that transforms communications from being in-progress to in-market. Like any great production team, they tend to be overlooked, because doing production right means making it seem effortless. They don’t seem to mind being unsung, though – probably because they’re too busy poring over those minute details that need to be so perfectly aligned.

We think they’re the best in the business, and we’re proud to have such a fantastic team, in-house and out, taking care of the big stuff. You’re happy about them too, whether or not you ever think about them, because they’re a major reason why we’re so price competitive, especially on the print side, where we save your money two ways:

  • A very senior production team is a very connected production team. For most work, we’re able to obtain broker pricing on print work because our managers either have worked with our vendors’ brokers for many years, or used to be brokers themselves. That equals wholesale pricing for our clients.
  • There’s no 17.65 here. What’s 17.65? It’s the standard industry price markup on print production…what you’re getting charged by most agencies as a profit margin. Why 17.65% and not 14.5% or 11.25%? Honestly, we have no idea. It’s always been that way since we started in the business. We do suspect that a Mad Men style meeting with martinis and cigars was involved at some point, many years ago…probably in a secret meeting room under a print shop in Chicago or New York. Remember, at Triggerfish, there are no martinis or cigars…we pass through all third-party costs with no markup or margin whatsoever.

print production

  • On and off-site vendor management
  • Printing Services
    • Traditional offset printing
    • Dynamic Digital printing
  • Lettershop services
    • List management
    • Merge/purge and NCOA processing
    • Personalization and customization
    • Mail, ship and track
    • Back-end reporting

digital production

  • Website development
  • HTML email
  • Microsites and landing pages
  • Static and dynamic banner ads
  • Custom application development
  • Flash/Rich Media
  • Third-party vendor management