marketing photography services

Why pay for stock photography when for a competitive price you can get an exclusive license to original images? Why rely on amateur photos to document your corporate event when a professional can provide photographs suitable for printing in your collateral or display on your website? These are just two of the questions to consider when you’re thinking about our marketing photography services.

simply a better option than stock photography

Have you ever licensed an image from a stock photography service only to find your competition using it as well? It’s a real danger when you’re using royalty-free stock photography…even when you’re paying a hundreds of dollars for the license. If you want exclusive use you need to purchase rights-managed options, and then your price tag can top five figures depending on how you’re planning to use an image.
Consider original images from Triggerfish as a better solution than stock photos. We can provide professional photographers to shoot anything from a corporate event to artistic imagery for your brand collateral at prices rivaling stock, and that can include infinite use licensing and package rights to your entire image set. We can even provide in-studio packages that include hair and makeup artists if you need them.

original photographic services

  • Photoshoots with single or multiple photographers on site
  • Creative imagery
  • Corporate events
  • Studio portraiture
  • Hair/makeup
  • Digital and/or film

included in every package

  • High resolution editing and retouching
  • Single-use licensing
  • Licensing for every image from your shoot

cost-effective options

  • Unlimited-use licensing
  • Exclusive use
  • Prints
  • Large format production (banners, posters, etc.)


Online portfolio to come. In the meantime check out our principal photographers blog here. Then contact us and we’ll put together a custom gallery tailored to your specific photographic needs.