marketing IT services

We offer both hosting and IT management services as a value add for our clients. The great deal for clients about using us for the marketing IT services we offer is the synergy it creates between marketing activities and the IT systems that support them. We understand the unique IT needs of a marketing department, and have an extra incentive to keep your valuable marketing data 100% secure, accessible and easy to use. We need those things as much as you do to get the best results from the communications we create.

web hosting

We host many of our clients’ websites, and offer several hosting packages; starting with our always-free non-profit hosting on local servers, all the way up to state-of-the-art co-located solutions that run on Litespeed servers with mirrored backups and full uptime guarantees, ┬áThe advantage of using Triggerfish hosting is having the same account manager who knows the goals and requirements of your marketing website as your server customer service rep as well. Most of our packages include fully-managed site maintenance that lets you make site updates with ease and tracks your campaign analytics from within the agency.

IT managed services

Many of our clients need day-to-day management of their IT resources simply to ensure that vital systems are always securely up-and-running. Our IT managed services plans constantly monitor your workstations, laptops and servers and proactively fixes problems before they occur. We’ve found our managed services especially valuable to smaller clients who need the skills of a big company IT management provider on a small business budget. We also provide enterprise IT monitoring and management. a great option for larger clients because it frees up internal IT staff to work on strategic initiatives instead of day-to-day tech support.

Our IT managed services are a joint partnership with Umetech, our strategic partner since our founding, with personal relationships between our principals that go back more than two decades. Together, we created UmetechMSP to align our companies in satisfying an important need for our clients.

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