marketing data services

Triggerfish offers a full range of marketing data services, from complex data analytics to marketing database management. Our agency model allows us to assemble strategic data teams that help ensure your data plans are on-target, effective and affordable, using the right mix of in-house staff and external partners.

data analytics

Coming from a database marketing background means our entire staff is well-versed in data analytics strategy. Our in-house strategic planner has built analytic models in the past and is a perfect bridge between your campaign goals and data strategies. We believe our three data strategists are the best in the business. And our data analyst folks who crunch the actual numbers are housed in a pure data external partner for greatest efficiency in doing the actual modeling.

database management

Many clients come to us frustrated with their marketing database (if they have one). Their campaigns are hampered due to critical missing data, insufficient tracking capabilities throughout the purchase cycle, or simply because their IT department says “it’s not possible”.

We do know what’s possible in a marketing database, and we almost certainly know how to make it reality. Does that mean you should move your database here if you’ve got a great IT department? Probably not. But if your IT resources are unable or unwilling to build and maintain a top-class marketing data warehouse, we’re here.

data analytics

  • Analytics strategy
  • Audience segmentation
  • List strategy and sourcing
  • Prospect and customer profiling
  • Profile modeling
  • Behavioral modeling
  • Campaign tracking and analysis

database services

  • Data quality analysis
  • Data variable appending
  • Database strategic planning and RFP development
  • Database design and build
  • Data warehousing
  • Dynamic campaign integration