fair pricing

Most agencies’ rates are driven by the seniority of the team. You pay a high rate for senior staff attention—and if you can’t afford the senior team, you’ll work with junior people who may not have the same level of expertise. (Don’t get us wrong, though…often those junior folks are the most dedicated.) Our rates are based on the work we’re doing—not who’s doing it. Simply put, you’ll pay about 70% less for proofreading than strategic planning…even if our senior team is doing both.

t’s not just a matter of how you communicate with your customers. It’s a matter of how we do, too.

transparent accounting

Our estimates break down every aspect of project scope by milestone and function, giving you insight into the cost drivers on the job. We’re quite unusual in providing similarly detailed actual versus estimate reports at the end of a job. Unless the actual scope of the job increases, we come in at or under estimate about 95% of the time.

no third-party markup

Most agencies have learned that some clients aggressively push down fee estimates, yet sign off on media or print costs that may cost ten times as much without a second thought. It’s not hard to see how this affects a typical agency’s pricing model. Lowball the fees, then mark up third-party costs – by as much as 25%. Clients are often unaware this is happening.

At Triggerfish, we provide estimates that are accurate on a line-item basis, and provide the backup. We don’t mark up any third-party costs or fees. We don’t have the slush fund of many larger agencies and can’t bring down our hourly rates…because they’re true rates without hidden costs. Even so, the cost of our services tends to be less than many agencies – not because we’re cheap, but because our people and business model are efficient.

flexibility to meet your needs

Just because we don’t lower our rates doesn’t mean all our rates are the same. We’re dedicated to making the best and most creative marketing solutions affordable for everyone, so small businesses enjoy special rates customized to what they can afford. We consider this our investment in ethical marketing, so you can be assured that even a small budget won’t mean less than our best effort.

non-profits and foundations

We offer discounted pricing to non-profit organizations—all we ask is that you reinvest the money you save into your organization’s mission. Not-for profits that are dedicated to the greater social good can do even better, as we will take on pro bono work for them when we can.

contact us for a free consultation

Contact us for a free strategic consultation and rate quote. We’ll do whatever we can to provide an attractive solution for you. If we’re not the best match, we’ll refer you to one of our partners who can better meet your needs.