marketing agencies and services

The Triggerfish business model allows us to be more efficient and affordable to our clients, without sacrificing the quality of our work or experience of our staff. Not surprisingly, that means we “private label” for many other marketing agencies and marketing service providers who contract with us to transparently provide services that are outside of their area of expertise, or just act as a top-quality provider to help them get through periods of extreme workloads. In certain cases we can’t give out specifics of the work we do for them, although many of our agency partners are quite open about our strategic partnership in the work they do.

With so many agencies in our client list, it’s not surprising that we’ve ended up developing a significant book of business with marketing services providers on the client side as well. Often these companies have internal creative teams, and Triggerfish is brought in to help them with our wealth of strategic planning and creative direction expertise.

These companies are all a lot of fun to work with.


  • Services: Photography
  • Disciplines: Identity
  • Highlights: Original photography for website

Barnett Cox and Associates

  • Services: Strategic Planning
  • Disciplines: Planning/Consulting
  • Highlights: Strategic consulting for Shea Homes client

Black Bag

  • Services: Branding, Online Advertising
  • Disciplines: Planning/Consulting, Customer Acquisition
  • Highlights: Search engine marketing planning and copywriting for a variety of Black Bag clients

Hoffman Lewis

  • Services: Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Customer Acquisition
  • Highlights: Creative direction

JTH Consulting

  • Services: Branding, Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Customer Acquisition, Loyalty and Retention, Relationship Marketing
  • Highlights: Strategic consulting

Link Direct

  • Services: Branding, Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Customer Insight, Customer Acquisition
  • Highlights: Strategic consulting, creative direction and copywriting


  • Services: Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Customer Acquisition, Loyalty and Retention, Relationship Marketing
  • Highlights: Design and development of email and direct mail communications

Publicis/Modem Media

  • Services: Branding, Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Customer Acquisition
  • Highlights: Copywriting


  • Services: Branding, Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Identity, Customer Acquisition
  • Highlights: Strategic consulting, account direction

The Hacker Group

  • Services: Email
  • Disciplines: Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Highlights: Email newsletters design, copywriting and coding

The Linus Group

  • Services: Branding, Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Planning/Consulting
  • Highlights: Strategic planning, account direction


  • Services: Branding, Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Customer Insight, Customer Acquisition, Loyalty and Retention
  • Highlights: Brand tagline, key messaging, tone and manner for online community launch. Email customer communications, company newsletters.


  • Services: Branding, Direct Mail, Email
  • Disciplines: Planning/Consulting, Identity
  • Highlights: Strategic partnership, business development, design and copywriting


  • Services: Strategic Planning, Identity/Branding
  • Disciplines: Planning/Consulting, Customer Insight, Identity
  • Highlights: Large website creative strategy, user interaction and usability, content architecture, and copywriting